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Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge

Coming soon…..

Coming soon….

Everyone at Reggin was so excited to be involved in such a unique project, but having worked on many public art projects in the past we were very mindful of how important it was to stick to the artist’s vision from start to finish in the fabrication process. In order to complete the cladding work for Light Keeper, we found that the most sensible way of attaching components onto such an elongated structure was to build our own “rotisserie style” support system. This way, our skilled teams of journeymen were able to perform welds with the utmost quality control by simply “turning” the structure as they completed a section, as opposed to having to move around the structure constantly or on elevated platforms.

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This problem solving technique of creating our own support system also ensured that consistency was prioritized, making it easier to compare all parts of the project almost simultaneously. We knew the importance of the consistency of the metal to the Artists, as the light is reflected off of the paneling to create the rainbows. Strength was important to ensure the structure remained the same here in Calgary as it did for its trip across the country and the lift into place in Toronto.

“We weren’t disappointed. It quickly became clear that Reggin’s decades of experience and expert team were up to the task of LIGHT KEEPER. We were impressed with their ingenuity and craftsmanship – they even built a giant “rotisserie” attachment for the structure so they could spin it as they worked.”

The Lightkeeper project now resides in Aitken Place Park, Toronto Canada.