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JW MARRIOT Edmonton ICE District

Located in Edmonton, Alberta the JW Marriott hotel occupies a premier downtown location along the Edmonton ICE District. This luxury hotel is filled with contemporary décor and metal fabrications. With Reggins’ long history of bringing extraordinary ideas to reality, our skilled trades created the powder coated feature walls throughout the lobby bar, the brass elevator doors with a patina finish and custom perforated metal wall paneling.

The main feature of the JW Marriot hotel are the feature stair cases. Reggin completed 3 captivating stair cases throughout the hotel, including the main brass feature staircase, the secondary brass stair and the striking blue stair case leading to the hotel gym. Many thought the vision for these stairs could not be executed, but with Reggins’ talented design and fabrication team we were able to bring everything to life.

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Main Feature Staircase

Custom metal fabrication can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re given the opportunity to create a feature staircase for a top-end luxury hotel you say yes every time. This was a perfect fit for Reggin as it was an item that no one else wanted to take on due to its complex combination of geometry, materials and finish.

Starting with design, the project required our team to use techniques and materials that we don’t get the opportunity to use every day. Specialty metals such as the brass on the interior paneling of the feature staircase can be tricky to bend into place, not to mention the time and craftsmanship that went into the custom handrails. But this was an exciting challenge for Reggin, and so our fabrication and design teams got to work right away to find innovative solutions for how best to fabricate, finish and install all of the components we needed while making sure the project lived up to high expectations.

As the project moved forward, we had another challenge to overcome. In order to achieve a historical feel for the custom brass paneling and handrails, we needed to apply a patina finish to the finished product. The process of coating brass and other metals with a patina finish is slightly different for every project, and is truly one-of-a-kind. Reggin’s team used their considerable experience to come to a decision for the perfect chemical ratios of the patina mixture, soaking time and polished finish.

All of metal work was completed at our manufacturing facility in Calgary and exceptionally installed on site in Edmonton.

The end result was a custom feature staircase that went above and beyond the client’s vision. The patina finish really brought the staircase to life while adding a unique characteristic that isn’t often found within the architectural metals industry.









Edmonton, AB