In preparation for four-car train service in Calgary, CTrain stations underwent some upgrading including extending platforms to accommodate these new trains.

Some of the upgraded stations include Lion´s Park, Victoria Park, Anderson and University stations. At these stations sturdy galvanized mild steel guardrails were fabricated and installed along the lengths of these platforms. This new extensive guardrail system provides increased safety and, with 55,000 lbs. of steel and 1.2 km of weld, is built to last. Another enhancement providing both functionality and esthetics are the custom steel lamp posts which increase visibility at these well-light train stations.

Another challenge, and one that is not uncommon to our team, was that the work was undertaken while the CTrain stations remained open and operational. Working in close proximity to the public and, in this case, near powerful potentially dangerous equipment are elements that our team is skilled at planning for and capable of successfully executing.

We are helping to keep Calgarians moving.