Located on the Foothills Medical Centre complex in Calgary, the McCaig Tower is the first phase in the Calgary Health Region’s 20-year master plan to redevelop and renovate the existing Medical Centre which serves as part of the University of Calgary´s teaching facility. Its design embraces flexibility, efficiency, functionality and future growth.

As part of the project, our team fabricated and installed all the custom stainless steel clinical and architectural features in the tower. Some key highlights included 2,500 square feet of wall cladding in the sterile processing area, roughly equal to the total floor area of a large single family home, as well as 818 linear feet of countertop, which when stacked end to end is a little taller than the height of the new Bow building (Encana tower). We were also responsible for supplying 2,300 linear feet of railing – enough to lay around a hockey rink nearly 4 times.